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4 Pros and 4 Cons of Temporary Staff

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What are the good and bad points about temporary employees?

As the Christmas rush comes into effect, business is quick to turn to temporary staff to fill their needs.

Employing someone on a short-term contract can benefit your company. You can get your temp staff members completing tasks that help your day-to-day process run efficiently.

But what advantages and disadvantages are there?

Many business owners don’t research the implications of hiring non-permanent employees and try to give them the job as soon as possible.

Eastpac is here to discuss the good and bad points of bringing temporary staff aboard.

We want you to make sure that you’re making the right decision, and hopefully, this advice can guide you in the right direction.

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What are the pros of a temporary employee?

Immediate Accessibility

Need a job completed by the end of the week? Well, you could have your new employee start tomorrow to handle the requirements.

If you haven’t the time to read through resumes, host interviews or search for a valuable recruit, then a temporary agency can help you find someone.

You won’t waste hours

If you need help for a set amount of time, whether that’s one hour or a week, temporary staff will take care of the matter.

By having a member to cover each individual hour you need, your business will waste little to no time, thus improving efficiency.

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Easier Trial Periods

When hiring a temporary employee you can ‘test them’ on their performance. This way you can determine if you’d like to give the staff member a permanent job or only keep them for a short period.

If you find that your employee does not perform to standards, you can terminate their contract without the hassle of firing them or unemployment claims.

Higher Productivity

You may assume that a temporary employee may work less than a full-time employee, however, this is rarely the case.

A temporary staff member usually always wants to make a good impression, therefore they will work significantly harder. A Vox study revealed that temp staff members are far from less efficient, instead they provide high productivity and prove successful workers.

What are the cons of hiring a temporary employee?

Safety Issues

Even a temporary employee who is highly skilled does not have familiarity with your business.

On-the-job accidents are commonly higher with temporary employees to the inexperience of how your company works. Linking to my next point, training is crucial.

Legal Problems

Specific guidelines are in place for inviting temporary staff members; you need to make sure you follow these to avoid a lawsuit.

You cannot treat a short-term employee as a full-time employee.

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Training Needs

The more temp staff you hire, the more training you need to carry out. There will always be a need to invest in time and experienced workers to train your short-term staff.

Correct training should be given to your temp employees, especially health and safety and regulations of your company.

Reduction of teamwork

Temporary staff suits more independent jobs. Due to their short-term contract, many temp employees refuse to bond with full-time employees.

Also vice versa, permanent workers don’t feel the need to pay much attention to temporary staff members

Do you need temporary staff?

The important question overall is how badly do you need temp staff? It’s highly rewarding to hire short-term employees, they get the work done and use up all of the hours you need working.

However, before you make such commitment, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Not every business needs to invest in temporary staff; alternatives could include an apprentice, weekend employees and internships.

Eastpac wants to ensure its customers make the correct decision; after all, we’re here to help. Although we can’t make the final decision, these points should assist with making sure you make the right one.