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The Differences Between Stretch Wrap And Shrink Wrap

By 14/08/2018August 23rd, 2018No Comments

The Differences Between Stretch Wrap And Shrink Wrap

We have many years experience in the packaging industry and we are very often asked the differences between stretch wrap and shrink wrap. So we thought we would write a blog post to help explain the differences, because stretch wrap and shrink wrap both look so similar. It is easy to confuse them for the same thing. However, they have completely different purposes and benefits in the packaging industry.

By understanding the differences between stretch wrap and shrink wrap you can save yourself the headache of accidently ordering, or using, the wrong one.

Stretch Wrap

Traditionally, stretch wrap is used to wrap around loads that are put on a pallet for shipping. The stretch wrap provides stability. As the name suggests it stretches, sometimes up to 200%-300%. This is done via hand or a stretch wrap machine.

You will also find that stretch wrap is extremely protective; protecting loads from dust, moisture and even the sun with some UV film options. It can also work as theft prevention. It is a cost effective option to wrapping and packaging. It is less expensive than other forms of wrapping for pallets.

Shrink Wrap

This product tends to be used to bundle multiple products together, or to protect individual products. It is also used as retail packaging by many businesses. The shrink wrap is wrapped and sealed around its contents and then heat is applied to remove the air. This then makes the wrap shrink around the product.

We find that shrink wrap can be very popular amongst businesses because it can be pre-printed, therefore offering an appealing retail package. Shrink wrap is great for protecting products from the weather, moisture damage, dust and dirt. When applied correctly, shrink wrap will ensure no damage or chaffing to products during transportation of heavier and more awkward shaped items.

We hope this shows you just how different stretch wrap and shrink wrap are. The main difference is that shrink wrap is used as a packaging solution and transportation. Whereas stretch wrap is used primarily for transportation purposes.

If you need help choose the right shrink wrap or stretch wrap for your business then please contact us directly. We would be only too happy to get the right products for your needs.