If you need a strong and secure method of packing your goods to send through the mail or courier's systems then Tourer mailing sacks are a sensible option. At Eastpac we offer trusted packaging solutions for mail order and e-commerce companies to ensure your goods are protected in transit and arrive at your customers intact

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For non-delicate, items that aren’t fragile or have strong original packaging, what is needed is a water proof, tear resistant, tamper evident outer that keeps your products clean, yet adds little postage weight.
Tourer mailing sacks are a Bond marked product that guarantees a strong, quality product, 55mu thick, made of puncture & tear resistant material. Tourer mailing sacks have stood the test of trial and used by many major mailing houses across the UK.
Available in 5 stocks sizes in blue, but can also be customised in company colours and printed with company logos or marketing messages subject to minimum quantities.

WOW your customer

The experience of opening a parcel

of goods you have ordered online

Is unique and is key to retaining

customer loyalty and retention.

Tourer mailing sacks ensure your

Goods are kept clean & pristine.


Customised Mailing sacks

Reinforce your brand and marketing message.

From a simple ‘Thank you for your order’ to advertising other products, or your customer service/guarantees, you can bond with your customer in providing an experience as unique as you are.

Waste Not

In today’s environmental conscience society, over packed goods has a negative impact on your brand.

Do you need to box?

Do you need extra protection?

Or would a mailing sack be adequate?



The benefits of Tourer mailing sacks lie in there economical provision of a strong and robust exterior packaging that transfers your goods to your customers’ safely and securely.

Your customer’s first impression on receiving their order will be that ‘delighted’ WOW.

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