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Upgrade Your Retail Packaging With Printed Paper Bags

By 28/10/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

All retail businesses that personalised and customised retail packaging is a great addition to any retail business; no matter the products the shops are selling it is the personalised retail packaging that gets the brand out there to other shoppers and potential customers.

Here at Eastpac Group we take pride in being able to help our clients with a range of bespoke retail packaging options including luxury printed bags, printed paper bags, printed tissue paper and even ribbons; all with the aim of making your customer feel that they are purchasing something pretty special.

Offering your customers bespoke packaging designed with your branding rather than a plain bag will add to the personal touch for your customer and when you upgrade from personalised plastic retail bags to customised paper retail bags then you are giving your customer that something extra special – and you’re not having to charge them 5p for it either!

Now imagine upgrading the paper bag to a luxury paper bag with a ribbon handle? This adds to the luxury and makes your customer feel extra special and even more so if this bag is only offered with larger purchases or purchases of a certain item?

Offering customised luxury retail packaging can be the extra push that makes customers come back time and again because they are made to feel special.

It’s good to remember that as these luxury retail bags are showed off proudly down the High Street or at the shopping centre by your customer, other shoppers are seeing the bag, the brand and the luxury and they will want to come to your store to see what may have been in that luxury customised retail bag.

We stock a wide range of retail bags in plastic, paper, laminated paper and even cotton tote bags so if you are looking at offering your customers that little some extra to make them feel really special then we can help you.

When it comes to bespoke packaging the team here at Eastpac Group know what we’re talking about so why not give us a call now to see how we can help you?