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Using Your Packaging As Advertising

By 09/02/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Most companies think of newspaper adverts, massive billboards on the side of the road, pop-ups on websites and even adverts on TV, but actually when it comes to companies that sell and deliver products there is an advertising option much closer to home and you’re already paying most of the cost for it anyway!

Your packaging is one of the best advertisements that you will find for your business, when used correctly advertising on your packaging is an extremely cost effective way to advertise your business, further products and services to the customer and everyone else involved in the delivery of the package.

It is common for many businesses to struggle with an advertising budget, but when it comes to packaging you are already paying for the box that your product is delivered in, or the bag that the customer takes their product out of your store in – so why not pay a small additional cost to advertise on that packaging too?

When advertising on your packaging you need to remember to include a logo and brand image that you want to be known for and remembered by. You need to ensure that the logo on the packaging is the same logo that can be found inside the packaging too, so your brand fits together as one. You also need to think about colours and make sure the colours of your brand or logo are the same on the packaging and inside the packaging as this gives a feeling of a professional brand and business.

It is crucial that you convey the identity of your brand correctly, especially if you are relying on your advertised packaging as the majority of your advertising. If you want to convey that your brand is environmentally friendly or that you care about the environment then make sure you remember this in your packaging.

Another point to remember when it comes to advertised packaging is that you shouldn’t overdo it with the messages, include a line or two here and there that talks about your business and brand without making the packaging too cluttered or messy looking.

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