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Jane Abbott – Warehouse Manager

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Meet Jane Abbott, Warehouse Manager

Jane Abbott is the Warehouse Manager for a fast growing, eCommerce home and giftware brand. Their peak seasons occur typically around Easter and Christmas. Over the last few busy months, Jane has noticed that the warehouse staff seem to be under more pressure, particularly Jonathan, her despatch manager. Costs of processing and despatch also seem to be rising for no identifiable reason.

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Are you connecting with this situation?

Along with the Board of Directors, (who receive reports on warehouse operations) Jane and Jonathan had been looking at different avenues. They were looking to pursue better performance in their warehouse. However, nothing seemed to offer benefits that would come with an extension to the Warehouse.

But what would this gain them?

They thought that they would attain more space and a better working environment. They also believe they’d relieve the pressure on warehouse staff from having to contend with their surroundings. But, before the Directors would release funding, they wanted to be sure that there was no other alternative solution.

Packaging Downtime

In search of Warehouse Consulting and infrastructure providers, Jane and Jonathan spent several weeks searching. They looked through Google, magazines, websites, publications and whitepapers. There were several companies that could help them, but while browsing they came across Agile Workspace Solutions.

They arranged a meeting with Our Consultants

Jonathan explained their issues in detail. Understanding the pressure that Jane and Jonathan were under, the Agile team suggest that they book a Diagnostic Consultation Session. This would confirm their plans or provide alternative suggestions of how to maximise the performance that they needed.

Jonathan was very keen to move ahead with it, but Jane wasn’t. They’d already thought hard about all possible changes but had no viable alternative to an extension of the warehouse. However, after hearing that the Diagnostic process was fully refundable, they both agreed to book the session.

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The Agile Workspace Analysts spent profitable time on site

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At our client’s warehouse, we carried out performance tests and investigations, collecting data for analysis. After detailed extrapolation amongst the team – Eastpac formulated an overview of operations and a forward-thinking plan.

We presented a Diagnostic Overview Document

Eastpac provided a Full Operations Overview, a clear plan of possible gains, concise detailing and strategies for improvement. The report was a breakdown on inefficiencies and disruptions, and a breakdown of hidden costs and expenses.

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These improvements not only allow them to meet peak season demands

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The improvements also removed the requirement for a costly and disruptive warehouse extension with unknown results. Instead, we initiated performance through proven, tried and tested solutions that arise from our long-standing and experienced knowledge in packing lines and despatch processes. Both Jane and Jonathan were fully satisfied with the process that had been delivered.

Could this experience be yours?

Whether you’re a start-up or an industrial enterprise, we design our Agile Work Consultancy to tailor all different kinds of needs. We understand that every business is different; that is why we adapt to work around your operations and expectations.

Workflow is important in every industry, whether it’s Automotive, Cosmetics, Giftware or Confectionery – these are just a few of the industries that we work in. Since we specialise in all things efficiency – we maintain a Quality service, aided by innovative solutions and widespread experience. This vital knowledge never fails our clients.

You may still have many questions regarding the service and how it works, and that’s where we can provide you with even more information. Everything we do here at Eastpac is to ensure 100% satisfaction with all of our clients, as what would we be if we didn’t?

Workflow Consultation is a revolutionary approach towards making your business operations run smoother and much more effectively. You won’t have to worry about your missing dispatches or coping with fluctuations any longer. Instead, you can leave this to us, and we’ll keep you on top of everything workflow.