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Is Water Activated Tape the Future of Industrial Packaging?

By 17/11/2020No Comments

Why use Water Activated Tape?

In today’s world, regardless of market or size, companies are striving to outperform competitors in terms of delivery times, packaging quality, and their dedication to being environmentally friendly. Eastpac can help you rise above the crowd with our innovative Water Activated Tape solutions – ensuring that your client receives their package with style and security.


What is Water Activated Tape?

Water Activated Tape is a packaging tape that uses a water-triggered adhesive to create a very strong bond to a cardboard carton. Because of the strong bond – where the fibres in the tape bond to those of the carton, the seal is tamper evident – and therefore acts as a deterrent to thieves. Water activated tapes often use a dispenser to quickly and easily apply the product to packaging items. Eastpac’s Water Activated tape is made from recyclable,  high-quality, environmentally friendly kraft paper – and is available with glass fibre reinforcement.

Why use Water Activated Tape?

Tamper Evident

Our tape can help you vastly improve your package security. The bond that the water activated adhesive creates with the cardboard box is unbreakable without very obvious marks on the box. This means that if anyone who is not the intended recipient of your parcel cannot enter the parcel to remove items without creating obvious damage. This provides a deterrent to would-be thieves, and the chance that your products will arrive at your customers untouched is much higher. 

Unrivalled Integrity

With the amazing chemical and structural technology in the tape, our tape outperforms traditional acrylic and polypropylene tapes, with extra secure bonds and an anti-theft seal. With glass fibre strands running through the tape, it can withstand high levels of wear and tear while in transit – without bursting open. Our Water Activated Tape also has a high temperature tolerance, retaining it’s seal. This can boost customer confidence and your business reputation – especially for long distance delivery and export – as clients receive their products complete and looking great!

Environmentally Friendly

Being made from kraft paper, a recyclable, eco-friendly product, our Water Activated Tapes will prove to your customers that your company cares for the environment. Our paper tapes are 100% recyclable and are suitable for landfill. Compared to other plastic tapes that are not recyclable, and do not provide the strength benefits that Water Activated Tapes do, our tape truly shows off your commitment to ensuring that your products are packages responsibly sourced. 

Strength with Style

With modern styling being the trend in our current markets, you can boost your business’ recognition for being high-quality to a whole new level. Showing commitment for smart product packaging, and at the same time providing a high-security method of sealing packages. With the kraft paper tape, cartons look much more professional, as not being covered in the rippled, plastic tape that is ‘standard’.

How is it the Future?

With the modern world becoming more centred around the preservation of the planet, but at the same time striving to save time and money in every way – products such as our Water Activated Tape are the forerunners of the change in the packaging industry. Being eco-friendly through recyclability –  as well as ensuring that no excess product is used, and time-saving through our tape dispensers, it ticks all the boxes for being a modern, high-quality product. 

Eastpac 348

With style being another factor that consumers look to for identifying a brands quality and identity. Using Eastpac’s Water Activated Tape, you can place quality assurance and promote your brand, right on your customers doorstep – becoming instantly recognisable for quality packaging and secure goods.

Depending on the size of your business, and the amount of products that you distribute on a daily basis, our tape can also save you money. With smaller amounts of tape used – but still with a much stronger seal than conventional tape – and quicker application times, your company can drive down its packaging costs. 

April 2022 is rapidly approaching. Even though the recent pandemic may have interrupted most businesses plans, workflow and trading levels, the time to act is now. The deadline for this change in legislation remains and can’t be forgotten about. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to introduce more recycled materials in your packaging production, get in touch with Eastpac. 

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