Parcels secure against Contamination and Theft


It’s really quite simple – see for yourself;

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Secure, Protected and Environmentally Friendly:

High Strength Seal

Water Activated Adhesive penetrates the porous surface of the carton, creating an impenetrable bond between the tape and the box. No access without leaving visible damage!


Water Activated tape is made from paper, which means it can be recycled with the box. The overall image of the parcel will appear smarter (especially when printed with your name), tidier and more environmentally conscious. What better way to impress your clients!

Cost Effective

The Adhesive strength of Water Activated Tape allows you to use only one strip of tape to seal a joint as opposed to several lengths of plastic tape that won’t achieve the same bond. This means you can greatly reduce material usage, which makes Water Activated Tape a cost effective choice.

With Water Activated Tape, E-commerce companies across the country are increasing speed and becoming more cost-effective, allowing them to outstrip their competition.

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