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What Is The Real Cost Of Damaged Goods To Your Business?

By 01/05/2018November 23rd, 2018No Comments

What Is The Real Cost Of Damaged Goods To Your Business?

In the last year over 40% of consumers have reported receiving a damaged parcel – and if you have ever looked forward to receiving something and it arrives damaged or broken, you will know how annoying and frustrating this can be.

While a product damaged in transportation may not seem like such a big deal to you as you can replace and resend the product, a damaged parcel can actually have a strong lasting impact on your consumer as well as your brand.

The Real Cost Of Damaged Goods to Your Business

• Damaged goods will impact on customer loyalty and repeat sales. 59.3% of consumers report that knowing their goods will arrive safely is a major consideration when placing an order. If a product arrived damaged from a business before they are unlikely to order from that company again.

• Damaged products will also increase your costs.Although it may seem like a small cost to send a replacement and reverse the delivery process, these small costs soon add up and will cost your business thousands if you continue having reports of products damaged in transit.

• Social media allows consumers to be more vocal about bad experiences and services from businesses, and a damaged product is a reason to complain publicly for many consumers. This can greatly impact your brand reputation among the friends and connections of your consumer.

As a business owner you cannot control how your packages and products are handled after they leave your shop, business or warehouse, but you can control how well they are packaged and protected. Ensuring that your packaging is fit for purpose is your number one defence against damaged products and will help improve your brand reputation.

If you need guidance when it comes to protective packaging then call one of our team and we will be happy to help you start protecting your profits with protective packaging.