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What Role Does Colour Play In Your Packaging?

By 29/05/2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

What Role Does Colour Play In Your Packaging? - Custom Packaging

Is the colour of your packaging something you have spent time considering? Is it central to your packaging strategy or is an after-thought? It is important to consider what your packaging says about your brand because the packaging is the first thing your customer sees when they receive their order from you.

The colour you choose for your packaging can have a very important impact on how your product is perceived; in fact, colour can increase brand recognition by 80%!

However, there is a very small window of opportunity of just 90 seconds for a person to make a subconscious decision about your packaging; and 62% – 90% of this decision will be based on the colour of your packaging alone.

While it is important to consider colours on your packaging, you also need to consider how the colour relates to your brand and how the colour of your brand make the customer feel on receiving their order in your coloured packaging. You need to ensure that the colour of your packaging fits with your brand image and also that the colour is not at odds with the colour of the product inside.

We would like to give you some examples of the reaction and feelings consumers experience about different colours so you can consider your brand colours and those colours on packaging;

Red: this colour conveys excitement, energy, passion and courage. Red is a popular colour in the food and sports industries.

Orange: this is a colour that speaks of happiness, enthusiasm and strength; it conveys fun and playfulness. Brighter shades of orange will often be found to highlight a call to action.

Blue: blue makes the consumer think of trustworthiness, dependability, security and responsibility. Blue is a colour often found in technology, healthcare and finance for these feelings and thoughts.

Black: this is a colour that screams glamour, sophistication and power; often found in designer brands, luxury cars and technology. Black shows a brands’ authority.

Now imagine receiving that brown or beige cardboard box; what feelings and experience does beige or brown give you?

When you contact our packaging specialists we will help you make sure your packaging is saying the right things about your business.