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What To Consider When Buying Packing Tape in Peterborough

By 19/06/2018June 26th, 2018No Comments

What To Consider When Buying Packing Tape in Peterborough

Packing tape in Peterborough is just packing tape isn’t it? Surely there is nothing to consider apart from how many boxes you have that need sealing and how much packing tape you will need to seal them? However, when you stop for a moment and look a little deeper into the world of packing and packaging tape you will see it really could be a lot more to packing tape in Peterborough than you ever realised.

On first consideration your standard polypropylene tape seems like the best low cost solution, and in many cases this is true; but which polypropylene tape is the right one? Should you spend more on branded tape? Should you opt for custom branded packing tape with your own company and brand on? Do you want clear packing tape or brown packing tape? Then what about low noise packing tape; could that be good in your noisy warehouse?

But then is polypropylene tape really the best option in all circumstances? If it was there wouldn’t be all the other options available would there? Such as the hot melt polypropylene tape (synthetic rubber tape), water based acrylic tape, solvent based tape (natural rubber tape), vinyl tape or even glass reinforced filament tape – to name a few!

Hot Melt Polypropylene Packing Tape
Hot melt polypropylene tape is one of the lower cost options when it comes to packing tape in Peterborough. It tacks to cardboard fast and is a reliable seal which makes it a popular option for many businesses. However, it isn’t great at sticking to other surfaces and doesn’t cope with extreme temperatures or rough cardboard so is sometimes not ideal for all businesses.

Water Based Acrylic Packing Tape
This packing tape costs slightly more than the hot melt packing tape it works well on a range of materials including cardboard, glass, wood, metal and plastics. Due to its strength and durability this is a popular packing tape for products with a long shelf life.

Solvent Based Packing Tape
This is one of the most expensive tape options but it is a lot stickier than the other packing tapes on the market. This makes it ideal for heavy duty packaging and items as well as export packaging. It is far better in extreme temperatures, damp conditions and high humidity too.

Branded Packing Tape
We know from visiting our supermarkets that the branded products will often be better than a supermarkets own brand, while other people wills wear they can’t tell any difference. It’s worth giving the branded tape a go when comparing it against non-branded tape; but you may find the difference isn’t worth the extra cost.

Custom Branded Packing Tape
This is the tape that helps your business, brand and packaging stand out from the crowd; it quickly tells the receiver who their delivery is from and shows your business as a professional brand. While custom branded packing tape can be more costly; for the brand awareness benefits it can be very worth the extra cost.

There are so many different types of packaging and packing tape on the market; each has been designed and perfected for different uses. Here at Eastpac, we have been selling packing tape in Peterborough for many years; we know what works and we would be happy to discuss the best packing tape for the needs of your packaging and your business.