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What To Remember When Purchasing A Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

By 04/09/2018October 25th, 2018No Comments

What To Remember When Purchasing A Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Here at Eastpac we help many businesses with their packaging needs. Our clients also come to use when they need to buy a semi automatic stretch wrapper pallet turntable too because they know we are someone they can trust. We are someone that understands their business and understands their needs.

In this article we touch upon the things you need to remember when buying a semi automatic stretch wrapper for your business. Some of these pointers are things that some people forget when they are buying a semi-auto stretch wrap pallet turntable!

  • You need to consider your load stability. While turntable stretch wrappers are usually the most popular types when it comes to semi automatic stretch wrappers due to the fact they can handle to majority of load types. If you have extremely light, extremely heavy or unstable loads then this may not be the best machine for you.
  • Think about if you’ll need a ramp. Stretch wrappers will usually be made to accept loads transported via forklifts, as pallets are often lifted onto the turntable. However, if you are using a pallet jack to move your pallets around then you will need to consider a ramp. This will allow you to wheel the loads onto the turntable.
  • You need to think about the heights of your loads too. If you have loads that are over 80 inches in height you’ll need an extended mast as the standard wrap height is 80 inches in height. What is the height of your shipping loads?
  • Think about the sizes of pallets that you use and this will help you decide the size of the turntable that you need. If you use larger pallets then you’ll need a larger turntable, but if you use standard sized pallets you’ll be fine.

Purchasing a semi automatic stretch wrapper is really simple. You just need to make sure you have thought about height, weight and sizes to ensure you make the right purchasing decision. If you have any concerns you can always call us and we will help find the right stretch wrapper for your business.