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When Protective Packaging Is More Efficient, Less Is More

By 15/05/2018November 23rd, 2018No Comments

When Protective Packaging Is More Efficient, Less Is More

Did you know that over £133 billion was spent on online shopping during 2017? With the added convenience and promise of next day delivery, consumers are happy to embrace this change in their shopping habits and this means that businesses need to ensure they have their packaging strategies just right.

Here at Eastpac we can complete a packaging station consultancy for you and see where there may be bottlenecks in your system, where things can be made to work smoother and how the packaging process can be completed in a more effective way.

Many online retailers are criticised for excessive packaging when it comes to protecting a customer’s order; while the customer wants to receive their order in pristine condition, they do not want to be left with yards of bubble wrap and bags full of foam peanuts to get rid of.

But with 73% of consumers claiming that they would not purchase again from a company that sent them a damaged item with damaged packaging, we understand why online retailers are so keen to over package in the hope of protecting the order.
What other option do they have?

Protective Packaging of course!

We have a multitude of protective packaging that makes like easy for the person packaging your product and the customer receiving it. Our protective packaging is light weight and easy to store, but most importantly it is affordable and it will protect a product during delivery to the customer.

We feel that using protective packaging can really help an e-commerce business optimise their packaging process, optimise their materials and reduce their outgoing costs. Not only will protective packaging result in a cost reduction for the retailer, but it will result in happier customers too as they will appreciate the effort you have put in to protect their orders.

Why not put our protective packaging to the test by calling us today for a sample?