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Which Plastic Strapping Is Best For Your Business?

By 24/07/2018No Comments

Which Strapping Is Best For Your Business?

Plastic strapping is ideal for products in transport or storage as the strapping will keep your items securely fastened in place. Here at Eastpac we have a wide selection of plastic strapping tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Over the years we have seen the popularity in plastic strapping grow, more so in recent years. We feel this is down to the fact that new materials increase product breaking strain and many businesses are finding that plastic strapping is an economical and easy product to work with. Therefore a practical solution for businesses all over the world.

Plastic strapping is ideal for many types of loads as it is moisture and UV resistant which reduces the risk of rust. As well as its elongation recovery also means it is ideal for securing produce during long transit journeys. Plastic strapping also has soft edges which means it can fit smoothly around packages of all shapes and sizes. Even the most awkward of shapes will kept secure during transit with plastic strapping.

We would even recommend plastic strapping if you have a fragile load that will be prone to devaluation if scratched. This is because plastic strapping offers an effective solution to the welfare and safety of your items.

Here at Eastpac we offer four types of strapping and these are as follows;

PET Strapping – this is an extruded polyester strapping and it is the ‘safe’ alternative to steel

Woven Strapping – corded, polyester or hot-melt strapping in 12mm, 16mm or 19mm widths

Polyprop Strapping – this strapping is available in black, white, yellow and in certain grades it is also available in blue.

Hot Melt Strapping – this strapping is available in 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm widths. We would recommend this strapping for finished timber and / or scaffolding.

We also have a selection of strapping clips available. Different types of strapping clips are suited to different types of products and straps. We would recommend you contact us directly with your needs and we can recommend the best strapping and strapping clips to suit your needs and budget.