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Why is Bubble Wrap in Peterborough So Popular?

By 27/02/2018March 19th, 2018No Comments

Why is Bubble Wrap in Peterborough So Popular?

Here at Eastpac we are based in Peterborough, but we supply packaging materials and packaging solutions across the UK. However, we have found that bubble wrap is one of our most popular packaging materials and if we’re honest, we really aren’t that surprised.

Bubble wrap has been around for years and loved by children up and down the country; it is a lightweight, low cost packaging material that offers excellent all round protection during delivery and transportation. The hundreds of small air pockets in bubble wrap offer excellent cushioning and protection properties.

We offer bubble wrap in two sizes; either small which is 10mm bubbles on a 100m roll or large which is made up of 20mm bubbles and is on a 50m roll.
Bubble wrap is a highly versatile packaging material and this is another reason that we think it is such a popular packaging material for so many products, companies and industries. The air cushioning that bubble wrap offers can protect everything from light cushioning of smaller items right through to heavy duty protection for ceramics, glass and other fragile items.

It is important to note that bubble wrap does have one small downside that it is important you are aware of; when you are packaging polished items for delivery we would recommend you do not use bubble wrap on its own or straight onto the product as it can leave small cell marks that can be hard to remove from the face of the polished items.

These small cell marks are created when the small air bubbles press against the polished item; the polished item could be anything like polished metal, glass or even polished wood. If you are packaging polished items of this sort for delivery and transportation we would recommend that you cover the item in polythene or foam first and then wrap it in bubble wrap. This will mean the level of protection and cushioning is still there, but no marks will be left on your items.

If you’d like advice or help with the best packaging solutions for your products then please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help.