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Why Use Price Tags? – Labels And Tags

By 28/08/2018March 29th, 2022No Comments

Why Use Price Tags? - Labels And Tags

Here at Eastpac, we supply packaging, labels, tags and more to businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the UK. One of our popular categories of products is price tags; but why do businesses use price tags?

Price tags are an essential packaging product for businesses throughout the UK; especially retail businesses. They use tags to label a specific item or product so the consumer can see how much it costs. Research shows that if a customer is able to clearly see the price of a product they will be more likely to buy it. So that is one obvious reason that you should use tags and labels in your business.

It is essential that you have a clear and concise pricing structure in your business so every time someone purchases from your business they get the same product for the same price. This price will include things like external costs, building overheads, wholesale prices, energy costs and your clear profit margin. While the price label or tag will show the customer only the cost to them, you will know that price label or tag means all external costs have been taken into account.

As a retail business with a shopfront in this day and age, you are competing with online businesses. However, if you have a price tag or price label showing your product price clearly, as long as the price is competitive you will have the upper hand over online businesses. This is because the consumer can have it now, they won’t need to wait for delivery, They also won’t need to pay for postage and packaging either.

Price tags and labels will also help you in the competitive price effect. Whether the shop next door doesn’t have their prices clearly displayed or perhaps they are more expensive than you. You will be able to pick up this customer and who knows what else they may purchase in-store while they are there?

Using attractive price labels and eye-catching price tags you can entice potential customers. This is especially the case by using words like sale or offer. If the customer thinks they are getting a bargain, a deal, or value for money they will be more likely to purchase that item from you.

If you are looking for labels and tags, tagging guns and needles or tie on price tags for things like jewellery then please contact us directly. We can help you with your tagging, labelling and packaging needs; no matter your budget or requirements.