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How To Improve Your Business’ Working Conditions

By 10/03/2020March 25th, 2020No Comments

Are the working conditions in your business up to scratch?

In a recent news article by Sky News, businesses were told of the “hellish” working conditions at Amazon. Recent statistics demonstrate that hundreds of staff have been seriously injured over the past 3 years.

In one incident, “a worker at a London warehouse was knocked unconscious and stopped breathing after injuring their head”. (Source: Sky News, 2020). Arguably, this demonstrates the failing of implementing safe working conditions and environment. This is why it is essential to adhere to health and safety guidelines.

Overall, these figures confirm that there have been 240 reports of severe injury or near misses sent to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the 2019 financial year. With over 622 serious injuries occurring in the last 3 years.

Of course, we have to view this news article objectively as newspapers can sensationalise stories. But what these figures demonstrate how important health and safety is. Safe working conditions are a fundamental requirement in industries where accidents can lead to severe or even fatal injury. Accidents are the result of the mishandling of dangerous or bulky goods, and the importance of using the correct products and equipment is crucial.

As a packaging company, we take health and safety seriously. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss how to keep your business a safe working atmosphere.

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What working conditions could I improve?

Health and safety issues in the workplace are something which all industries want to avoid and consequently, should take seriously. Not only is it unsafe for employees to be working in a dangerous environment, but similar to Amazon, it can reflect negatively on the company and leave them with significant fines. Fundamentally, providing all workers with the correct equipment during the work they carry out ensures a more effective and efficient working environment. But also, a safe working environment aids business in keeping workers in the surrounding area safe.

One of the significant sectors within the packaging industry, which we find is not given enough attention is pallet wrapping. Keeping pallets secure is vital. Whether it be through the use of pallets or strapping them, each has its benefits. As we know, ensuring a pallet is secure for transportation or storage needs to be a primary concern. We have seen numerous times how pallets have become unstable and collapse onto roads and warehouses. Securing a pallet is key to creating a safe working environment, and so they do not present themselves as a hazard when loading, travelling and unloading.

Unsafe Working Conditions

Why can pallets pose a risk towards safe working conditions?

Like we tell all our clients, wrapping pallets by hand is dangerous. Likewise, we know it is a prevalent practice within warehouses, but one which we like to advise people against.

There are numerous health and safety risks when wrapping by hand, some of which companies are not aware of! Take a look at these array of issues. Which are usually highlighted by HSEs (Health and Safety Executives):

Safely Wrapped Pallets That Help Towards Working Conditions
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  • Often, when protecting a pallet, workers will walk backwards. This poses a threat of tripping.
  • Poorly wrapped pallets could result in them collapsing during transit or worse, on an employee.
  • Bending while stretching the film increases back problems by 50%.
  • Traditional hand pallet wrapping is the primary cause of bad body mechanics.

Preventing these hazards is easily done with the correct equipment and training. That’s where Eastpac comes in!

Say ‘hello’ to GRIPfilm! 

Our revolutionary stretch film, and dispenser system!

The unique GRIPfilm Applicator makes light work of a task that’s renowned for making you dizzy, stumbling and scraping your knuckles. While the blend of the GRIPfilm gives a taught wrap and uses less plastic! Therefore, rather than wrapping pallets by hand, workers can now prevent harming themselves or risk collapse with our secure and durable stretch wrap tool.

The applicator allows the operator to walk forwards around the pallet at a regular pace. Holding the applicator in one hand, the tool can easily apply stretch film without any strain while applying tension at every corner. There will be no need to use two hands or even bend down.

Furthermore, GRIPfilm’s specialist chemical construction process means that the operator wraps it around the load and pallet, and the film itself does all the tension work! This way, you’ll achieve a far more secure load than you ever would on your own.

Overall, GRIPfilm applicators make it easy to grip the pallet base on every load. You can then drag the extra-durable skid plate right along the floor. Saving those scraped knuckles as well as any hazards!

skid plate

Interested in making your business’ working conditions safer? Get in touch!

Please speak to one of our specialists at Eastpac today for more information about making your warehouse and operation safer by introducing GRIPfilm applicators to your worker’s routine.