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Your Customers Top Three Packaging Peeves

By 06/03/2018May 22nd, 2018No Comments

Your Customers Top Three Packaging Peeves

As a packaging supplier in Peterborough with over 25 years experience we know that smart and visually-appealing packaging helps to impress our client’s customers while enhancing their customers’ experience of our clients’ brand. However, our experience over the years has also taught us what customers don’t like from packaging and what their packaging peeves are! By sharing this knowledge we are helping our clients;

Packaging Peeve 1: Excessive Packaging
Customers hate receiving an item in packaging that is far too much bigger than it needs to be. In fact a survey by Clouder found that a huge 72% of customers think that retailers use too much packaging when packing items for transit. While 66% of customers stated that they have received at least one over-packaged order within the last 12 months.

British consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the environment so they want packaging materials that are easily recyclable and made from recycled materials where possible.

Take this on board for your own business; try to only use as much packaging materials as is required, and opt for green packaging where possible and you’ll quickly find you have smarter looking parcels that are more enjoyable to open for your happier customers.

Packaging Peeve 2: Excessive Packaging Materials

While customers hate boxes and packaging that is too big for their item, they also hate too much in-fill packaging materials. While you may think that the more in-fill packaging materials there are the more protected the products is; you may find you are wrong. In fact, overfilled packages can burst in transit and this causes damage to the item and leaves you with an unhappy customer.

Clouder found that 54% of customers believe that retailers’ overuse protective packaging for online orders and 60% of customers felt that excessive packaging materials made their parcel trickier to open.

When a customer struggles with difficult packaging they are no longer enjoying the experience of receiving their goods or the ‘un-boxing experience’ that you may have worked so hard to achieve. Opt for easy-open tear strips where possible so your packages are quick and easy to open.

Packaging Peeve 3: Delayed Despatch Of Product

Gone are the days customers are happy to wait weeks or even days for their orders to arrive. Customers are more demanding that ever and they want their order as quickly as possible.

A fast packaging operation will reduce the risk of backlog and help ensure that customers’ orders arrive with them on time. Why not contact us in regards to our packing station consultancy service where we can review your current packing procedure and how it can be improved?

We can also recommend packaging materials that are quicker to use and assemble meaning products can be packaged faster.